About Me

Mike Bluestein is an internationally recognized expert on the Xamarin platform, and one of the first users of Xamarin.iOS, dating back to the pre-Xamarin days when the product was called MonoTouch. As an early Xamarin employee, both as the documentation lead and later a developer evangelist, he taught many of Xamarin’s employees how to build Xamarin applications, as well as several of Xamarin’s larger customers. The majority of the content in the Xamarin Developer Center was initially created by Mike. Mike also authored the book Learning MonoTouch: A Hands-On Guide to Building iOS Applications with C# and .NET, from Addison-Wesley, which has been published internationally in multiple languages, as well as a MonoTouch course for AppDev. Previously Mike worked on a variety of engineering applications ranging from CAD software, to distributed 3D content systems. Before working exclusively as a software engineer, Mike was an aerospace engineer who did aerodynamic design for jet engines.