Reader Q&A – PDFs in iOS

I got a question from a reader last night who was looking at some code from one of my Xamarin seminars.

Ryan asked about how to extract the content from a pdf file, draw on it, and email it in iOS.

One way to do this is using Core Graphics, as shown in the following snippet:

If you have a question feel free to contact me through my blog. I get lots of questions like this, but I do my best to respond to them all.

Load a Collada File in Scene Kit

My friend @lobrien (whose blog you should read if you don’t already) was asking about loading Collada files in Scene Kit, so I whipped up a quick example:

In the Xamarin Studio solution pad, the folder containing the Collada file has a .scnassets suffix, and the model has a build action of SceneKitAsset:

solution pad

Given this, the model is rendered as shown below:


There’s also a Collada build action as well. I’ve never used that option though. If someone wants to elaborate on what that does (perhaps supporting animations embedded in Collada files? just a guess) please add a comment here.

Updated Scratch Ticket Code

Someone asked a question in the Xamarin forums last week about the scratch ticket code I wrote a while back, so I decided to update it to work with the unified API and show how to get an image from the view, which is what the person in the forums was asking for.

One thing I find super useful in Xamarin Studio is the ability to see the image at runtime in the debugger (similar to what you’d get in Xamarin Sketches), as shown below:

image from view

You can get the updated code from my repo:

Voice Dictation with WatchKit and Xamarin

Apple Watch has fantastic support for converting speech to text. However, there isn’t any direct API access to the text to speech engine in WatchKit. You can get access to it in your apps though via the Apple provided text input controller.

golf watch text input

You can open a text input controller via WKInterfaceController’s PresentTextInputController method. For example, here’s how I show a list of golf course names to start a new golf round in my app GolfWatch:

PresentTextInputController (courseNameList.ToArray (), WKTextInputMode.Plain,
    delegate(NSArray results) {
        // ...

In this case a list of course names is displayed along with a button, which when tapped opens a ui to receive speech input. The results are passed to the completion method specified in the third argument to PresentTextInputController. If you only want speech input, simply pass an empty suggestions array in the first argument and the user will be taken directly to the speech input screen on the device (speech input isn’t supported in the simulator).