A Consumer Product Recall Application – Data.gov with Monotouch

After watching the PDC keynote earlier today and listening to Vivek Kundra speak about that plethora of government data sets that are available, I decided to check out www.data.gov. One thing that caught my eye was the product recall data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. I figured it would be useful to have on my phone, especially with the holidays coming up, so I decided to build a quick app for it. The code is based upon my earlier fast scrolling post where I ported the Tweetie fast scrolling pattern to Monotouch. Otherwise, it’s a pretty straight-forward tab controller application. It shows product recalls sorted by date across several categories.


The tab bar images are from Joesph Wain at glyphish.com. Also thanks to Alex York for his excellent rss reader post.

You can download the code for the app here: http://cid-0486030770596f62.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/ConsumerRecalls.zip

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