CocosSharp Custom Particle Systems on Windows Phone

Last week I showed how to use Particle Designer in conjunction with a CocosSharp game targeting iOS and Android. One question that came up was if this would work in Windows Phone as well. CocosSharp works great on Windows Phone (and many other platforms since it’s built on MonoGame). So for the Windows aficionados out there, you can do all your development in Visual Studio and target Windows desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone, (and of course iOS and Android via Xamarin 🙂

But the I wasn’t certain about the custom particle systems so I gave it a try. It turns out it works fine. All you need to do is include the plist files in the Content folder and set the Build Action to Content:


Here’s what the game looks like running on Windows Phone (a Lumia 520 running WP 8.1 in this case):

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