Core Animation Resources for Xamarin.iOS Developers

If you are an iOS developer, you owe it to yourself to try and learn the Core Animation framework because it isn’t just about animation. Core Animation makes much of what you see in iOS applications possible.

Here are some resources to get  you started:

Going through these resources will give an understanding of how the Core Animation framework is at the heart of iOS, which will help you to create experiences that differentiate your application.

UISplitViewController and UICollectionView

Continuing from the previous post that used a UICollectionView to display a grid of images from Bing, the following example adds a UICollectionView to a UISplitViewController.

When the row is selected, a new search is issued and the resulting images are updated in the UICollectionView. To connect the selection in the UISplitViewController’s master controller, which is an MT.D DialogViewController in this case, to the UICollectionViewController contained in the UISplitViewController’s detail controller, an event is raised when a row is selected:

public AnimalsController () : base (null)
    Root = new RootElement ("Animals") {
        new Section () {
            from animal in animals
            select (Element) new StringElement(animal, () => {
            if(AnimalSelected != null)
                AnimalSelected(this, new AnimalSelectedEventArgs{Animal = animal});

Then the UISplitViewController’s implementation handles this event to communicate to the UICollectionViewController:

animalImageController = new BingImageGridViewController (layout);

animalsController.AnimalSelected += (sender, e) => {
    animalImageController.LoadImages (e.Animal);

In the LoadImages method, the UICollectionViewController calls Bing for the selected item and uploads the UICollectionView when the data is returned by calling ReloadData:

public void LoadImages (string search)
    UIApplication.SharedApplication.NetworkActivityIndicatorVisible = true;

    bing = new Bing ((results) => {
        InvokeOnMainThread (delegate {
            imageUrls = results;
            CollectionView.ReloadData ();
            UIApplication.SharedApplication.NetworkActivityIndicatorVisible = false;

    bing.ImageSearch (search);

The sample is available at

Note: you’ll need a Bing API key, which you can get at

Using Azure Marketplace’s Bing Image Search on iOS with UICollectionView in C#

The Windows Azure Marketplace now includes the Bing web service. Using the image search feature, combined with a UICollectionView, can be used to display images in a grid on iOS like this:

Consuming the Bing service with Xamarin on iOS can be accomplished just like anywhere else C# is available.  The UI here consists of a UICollectionView, using a UICollectionViewFlowLayout to achieve the grid display. Programming against a UICollectionView is very similar to using a UITableView, the big difference being that UICollectionView works with a layout class to achieve any layout you desire. iOS provides a very flexible UICollectionViewFlowLayout class that can be used  when a line-based layout is needed. Also, you can subclass UICollectionViewLayout directly as well to implement layouts that aren’t line-based.

You can get the code for this example here:

To run the exmaple, you need to sign up for an API key from the Windows Azure Marketplace.

For more information on using Collection Views, see this article in Xamarin’s Developer Center:

Voices That Matter: iOS Conference discount code

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I’m honored to be speaking at the Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference in Boston November 12-13. The conference organizers sent me a speaker’s priority code to pass along, which is good for $150 discount off the price of the core conference. The discount even applies in addition to the early bird pricing. My code is BSTSPK6. Also, I’ll receive $50 for every person that registers with my code, the proceeds of which I will be donating to the Jimmy Fund. I hope to see you at the conference in November.