After I posted my previous how to on core graphics, someone asked me if I was porting Baby Smash to the iPhone. Well, I wasn’t at the time, but I had a rare couple of hours free this evening, so I decided to take a shot at it. The example shows how to generate various geometric shapes from primatives as well as how to fill with colors and images. Possible enhancements might include sound effects, free form drawing and animation. I’ll add those when I get a chance.

The code is available at http://github.com/mikebluestein/iBabySmash

5 thoughts on “iBabySmash

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    • Glad she liked it! Both my kids get a kick out of it too 🙂 Could I trouble you to add a review in the app store? Thanks

  2. Howdy,

    I’m working on an iPad app with a similar structure, but I can’t seem to get everything connected in Interface Builder. Is there any way you could go into a bit more detail about how you connected the View to the UIViewController and the UIViewController to the Main application?


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