MonkeySpace 2013

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the MonkeySpace conference, where I got to present 3 different talks. This is one of my favorite conferences as the attendees tend to work on some very interesing projects and have an affinity for sharing information.

The first talk I gave was about collection views. This is a very interesting technology that allows you to easily create grid-like layouts of items in iOS. Additionally, they are easy enough to extend to create any sort of layout you can imagine.

Here’s one of the examples I demonstrated during my talk. It creates a layout over a baseball field where you can toggle between the home and away teams:


The code is available here:

Up next, I presented the latest version of the excellent Xamarin.Mobile API, showing the new changes to the MediaPicker among other things. What’s particularly exciting about this is the API was open-sourced just before my talk, so I was able to demonstrate from the latest source.

Finally, for my third talk, I showed how to make a small game using the new Cocos2D-XNA API, a C# port of the widely used Cocos2D iOS API. What’s interesting about Cocos2D-XNA is that it builds on MonoGame, so it allows you to reach many platforms with the same code base.

More information, along with sample code can be found in the article I wrote on the Xamarin site:

Beyond my talks, I really enjoyed meeting so many new people and hearing about all the exciting work everyone is doing. I’m looking forward to MonkeySpace again next year!